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Studio Tour 12 – Denji/Raditz

Denji and Raditz is one of those random crossover pairings that just kind of occurred to me one day. Now, to be clear, I don’t really see their relationship as romantic or anything, in this pic they’re just having some fun bro time. I do have a clear image of them, though, as this kind of stinky, troublesome little duo. It’s very easy for me to picture them hanging out and making something of a nuisance of themselves around the Studio, and I just kind of like the idea of them as pals. Of course, to illustrate that and be on brand means drawing them fucking here, but hopefully most of you won’t mind that.

Space Emperor Slut, Page 13

With Titans Tower back on the shelf, we’re moving back to Space Emperor Slut on the comic rotation. With this page we’re finally getting to a turning point in the narrative I’ve been waiting on since the comic began so many years ago. We’re going to have probably 3-4 pages of this comic left, and then we should wrap it up for good. There’s not any huge difference between the versions of this page, but I wanted to keep the variations going even if we don’t get a good look at Frieza’s crotch here.

Raditz’s Family Bonding

I decided to re-arrange the Post Schedule a bit so that this parental pic could come out on Mother’s Day (though in the process, I ended up with two bi Dragon Ball pics back-to-back, though I think that’s okay). At any rate, this commission sought to reunite Raditz with Bardock and Gine, officially bringing all three into the Studio (Raditz F was in already, but not the original article). Since the commissioner wanted adult Raditz I can only assume some time travel shenanigans are taking place here (or possibly this is in the afterlife, although I admit I didn’t draw it with that intent), but regardless I hope y’all enjoy seeing Goku’s forgotten family having some fun together.