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Kintaro Oe Character Ask 1

So I was kind of in the mood to do a Surge Ask when picking this one. She had several questions, but I wasn’t satisfied with the answers I was coming up with for the ones I could do, and so I figured I’d move on. Then I saw this question for Kintaro, and kinda thought I could work with that instead. Kintaro is very gay for women, and I don’t think he’d pass up a furry girl if presented with one. Surge is a little bit outside the type of woman I usually pair him with, but branching out is good and I like the idea of Kintaro being intrigued by how different some furries can be from what he knows.

Surge the Tenrec Character Ask 2

When talking about characters I could pair Surge with on the SubscribeStar Discord, I off-handed mentioned Gabi at least once. I kind of liked the idea for reasons I can’t fully articulate, maybe at least in part because Gabi is aesthetically similar to Satsuki (the girl Surge debuted with, not the one Gabi’s shot with before). At any rate, I saw this Ask as a convenient opportunity to explore the pairing, and I think they look good together!

Surge the Tenrec Character Ask 1

There’s a few ways I could’ve gone with this, I think, but in the end I thought an angle like this would be fun. Beerus being purple also allows me to make him recognizeable while not necessarily drawing all of him, something that’s useful for a day like today when I have a lot of other work to get to. For Bererus’ part, the last time I drew him he was fucking a different spritely little green lady, so Peridot might want to be on the lookout.

First Shoot #12 – Surge the Tenrec

The twelfth First Shoot rookie is Surge the Tenrec, a character from the Sonic comics. I know this character primarily though her support amongst my Subscribers, since I don’t follow Sonic media, but she seems cool and I like her look. Her random partner here is Satsuki from Ghost Stories, a girl I drew for a Halloween pic in 2021. I’m still working on improving my handling of Sonic characters, but I hope Surge looks alright enough here.