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Takemichi Hanagaki Character Ask 1

So the answer here isn’t super interesting, I don’t think, other than maybe providing a fun visual if you want to picture his hair falling out of it’s styling. I know there’s some folks wanting to see me draw this show, though, and in the One-Shot where he debuted we didn’t see much of Takemichi. So here’s a bit of a better look at him, I hope y’all like it.
I looked into this show for both the One-Shot and this Ask, and I think the premise is interesting enough. It reminds me a lot of Erased, and what I’ve seen of Takemichi makes me think I’d like him as a protagonist. Some of the boys, like Mikey, are also pretty cute. However, googling the show gets me promotional images of the characters decked out in swastikas, and that’s kinda a turn off. I know they probably are just a retro punk aesthetic in Japan, and not a declaration of ideology, but it still makes me think I’d rather watch one of the billion other shows I’d like to watch instead. Maybe I’ll check it out some day, but I don’t really think I’ll go out of my way for it at this time.

September ’21 One-Shot

Here is the One-Shot comic I did for Subscribers at the start of September. Like all the monthly One-Shot comics, the script for this came from a submission by one of my supporters over on SubscribeStar. This is another one where the script called for a new set of characters each panel, some old and some new. The first panel sees Takemichi of Tokyo Revengers joining Kirishima and Deku in a threesome, and I debated over how to do his hair (I haven’t watched it, but he appears to have several looks in the series). It seems like his hair looks like this after he gets into fights, sometimes, so I thought it’d be cute to imply he maybe had it styled but then got fucked rough enough that it got messy like this. We then have a little Genshin Impact threesome with Bennett, Razor and Aether. Kizuku gets shared by one-half of the characters fused to make him (plus his boyfriend), and then Boruto gets some more of Luffy’s cock. Enjoy!