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DBZ Train

This is a Master Mini Commission for one of my Master Tier Subscribers. They just wanted to see three of their favorite DBZ bottoms lined up, so here they are. This is the kind of pairing that can really only make sense in a setting like the Studio, so I didn’t bother trying to put them in any DBZ locations or anything like that.

NHS Fusions – Zilvon

I decided to run a new NHS Fusion poll on SubscribeStar, focusing on non-human characters to try and get an interesting/weird result. The Subscribers voted for Zarbon and Sliver the Hedgehog, and hopefully the result is weird enough. I wanted to keep a body type similar to Zarbon’s, though I drew him a bit less muscular. I thought Zarbon’s skin tone would look good with Silver’s hair color, so I went that direction instead of mixing the colors like I often do for these Fusions. I like the skin-toned foot sole look I’ve been doing with Surge’s pics, though, so I kept that for Zilvon here.

Zarbon Character Ask 1

I really like drawing Zarbon’s ass. I might could have drawn him directly with a Saiya-jin here, and I’m sure some folks will be disappointed I didn’t. However, I think there’ll be plenty of time for that in the future, and for this Ask I just had this inherently submissive pose in mind and wanted to see him in it. So here he is, with a fresh Saiya-jin load dripping out while he admits his utter defeat… Enjoy!

Zarbon’s First Dare

I know some folks have been wanting to see Zarbon get dicked down since the first pic I did from him not long ago, and I liked this Dare as a chance to do that. When deciding which Saiya-jin to have him submit to, I decided to avoid the obvious Vegeta pairing (though I’m sure that’ll happen eventually) in favor of teen Gohan. I liked this direction because it allowed me have Zarbon react to Gohan being at a different spot from when he knew him, plus I thought the size difference would be hot. It reminds me of the Gohan/Cooler Ask, really, and I like it for basically all the same reasons.