hentaib – Mickey and the Queen, Page 3

I know it’s been a while and some of you may have forgotten about this project, but here’s the third page of hentaib’s comic “Mickey and the Queen” colored by yours truly. This comic is more complex and requires a bit more work than something like “Surprise!” does, but I do plan to keep releasing these pages as I can since I think this comic’s really great. Below is the original version.


Special Training, Page 9

So it’s been a minute, but Special Training is back in production for a limited time. I won’t be finishing it just yet, but I am going to run through a small handful of pages before moving on and doing the same thing with one of my other ongoings that’ve been sitting on the shelf. This page kicks off Goku and Gohan resuming their fucking, after Gohan had a moment to recover from his premature orgasm on page six, and the next few pages are just gonna be a montage of that good old-fashioned father/son bonding.

February ’18 Patreon One-Shot

This is the Patreon one-shot comic for February, which was completed one month ago today. Not only did my Patreon supporters get to the this comic (at full size) then, but they also voted for its content the month before. I believe the Patron who submitted this comic concept referred to it as “Gohan’s Harem” or something along those lines, but the idea is fairly clear. There’s some kinda time travel shenanigans going on in this comic, but given that we’ve seen that sort of thing before in this room, that hopefully won’t keep anyone from enjoying this comic.

An Unlikely Meeting, Page 3

So here is the third page to “An Unlikely Meeting”, the ongoing comic funded through my Patreon. This comic’s concept and characters were picked out through polls on Patreon, and then my supporters there write each page individually by submitting ideas and voting on them. Patreon sponsors received this page one month ago today. This page marks the halfway point of the comic, as I set a limit of six pages on this comic when it began (since I felt our last comic of this nature, One Night in Azarath, went on a little too long.

Ludibrio Chronicles, Ch. 2 – Pet Ludibrio 00-01

If you would like to purchase the full clip this comic is ripped from, you can find it in Anya Lykke’s clip store here.

Let’s kick of March by launching the second chapter of the Ludibrio Chronicles, “Pet Ludibrio”. This chapter will be quite a bit shorter than the first one was, due to the source material being shorter. In this chapter we’ll look at one of the ways in which a particularly malicious individual might use a Ludibrio’s natural sexual and submissive nature to exploit them.

The model for Vulpella, our Ludibrio pet here, is my good friend Anya Lykke. I highly recommend trying to get the original clip from her if you can, she plays a fox girl kept in a similar situation and it’s some good stuff if that’s your sort of thing.



Ludibrio Chronicles, Ch. 1 – Liberum Commutatio 10

If you would like to see the original clip starring Alexa and Geizer that this is ripped from, you can find it here:

Well, here it is! The final page of the first chapter of the Ludibrio Chronicles. Considering I first began toying around with this concept before any of my current ongoing comics (at the time the only comic of mine I’d ever released pages for was Eromugen), it’s a bit surreal to have an actual finished chapter now. As I’ve stated before, this chapter is really meant mostly to illustrate the Ludibrio concept without really delving too much into the story potential. Chapter two, which will start early next month, is going to push just a little more into the world building, without jumping in too much deeper than this chapter. Baby steps and all that.

Anyway, I really, sincerely hope you guys have enjoyed this excursion. I get a lot of pleasure out of the process of transforming these porn scenes I love into this new form, but it’s still important to me that at least some of you enjoy the final result. To those of you who have enjoyed this comic, I hope you’ll enjoy the second chapter just as much. Also, if you have any particular attachment to any of the characters in this chapter, let me know! Each chapter pulls from different sources, so the cast of future chapters will be completely different, but if any specific Ludibrio turn out to be popular I can search out more movies starring the same actress so that the character can return. I don’t currently have any chapters planned with Aurum or Idcaeg making a return appearance, but I do own other clips with both Alexa and Geizer (mostly Geizer, who is Aurum, the blonde one).

A Trip to the Past, Page 08

Here’s the eighth page of “A Trip to the Past”! Exciting, right? There’s a new wrinkle to the story added here, after Gohan has worn Goten and Trunks out with his endless appetite.
This is going to be the last ATTTP page for a bit. We’ll be resuming this comic eventually, but I realize how long it’s been that I’ve been leaving my other comics on the shelf. So I’m going to take a break from this one and do a handful of pages for each of my ongoings (starting with Special Training, but I wanna do 2-3 pages for each of them). So I guess the last panel of this comic is a cliffhanger! Yay!

January ’18 Patreon One-Shot

Here is the One-Shot from Patreon for January. This was an interesting one, because the script called for certain pairings out of these six boys (Goten and Trunks from Dragon Ball Z, Gon and Killua from Hunter × Hunter, and my own OCs some of you may remember, Mace and Jackie).  The actual poses were left up to me, and I tried to have some fun with it. The headbands/wristbands/anklebands were also part of the script, color coded to each character. While I admit I didn’t know why they were included at first, they are kinda cute. Hopefully you guys like this crossover between six of the most popular shotas hear at Near Hentai.