Orgy Commission 2

So here’s the second part of the three-part commission I’m working on right now. Like with the first one, there’s no background here because the client hopes to put the pieces together on a background after the fact (hence the “orgy” part of the title). For this one we get Ren (Shaman King), Killua (Hunter × Hunter) and Midoriya (My Hero Academia) having some fun together. Enjoy!

Subaru and Puck

This is another commission from my Epic Tier on Patreon, this time featuring two characters from Re:Zero. I only saw a brief portion of the first episode of this anime. It didn’t really hold my attention, and I don’t really have any opinions on it, haha. I never met this cat character (I’m referring to him as Puck, since that seems to be the official English translation of his name, but my client for this pic is from a non-English country and referred to him as Pack in the info for the pic), but my understanding is he’s got a lot of magical abilities. The way the cum moves in this pic is very unrealistic to me, but I think it’s fair to assume Puck is using his magic to guide the cumshot into the destination we see here. 😀

Carnal Kingdom – Mina Ashido and Ochaco Uraraka Sold

So here’s an Epic Tier commission, following up on this Patron’s commission from last month. It seems Mina and Ochaco were bought by a bordello, who are using them for an open invitation to all sorts of customers (demons, ogres, humans, what-have-you). This one was a bit of a challenge, especially factoring in the cum version (the Patron paid extra for both the complexity of the pic and the alternate version), but hopefully the final result was worth it. Hope you all enjoy. ^_^

Hayato and Daimonyama

This is an Epic Tier commission done through my Patreon, featuring Hayato Hayasugi and Tsuranuki Daimonyama from the anime Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion. I’ve been anticipating a commission along these lines for a while, as this Patron has been particularly interested in Shinkalion and talked about it a lot on my Discord. I watched the first episode of it since I knew I’d end up being commissioned to draw some of the characters at some point, and it’s cute. The show’s a pretty straightforward giant robot kids anime, where the robots are all famous Japanese trains that transform into their battle forms. I don’t know if I’ll watch any more, but I did see some potential for pics that might come up outside of commissions (though I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up with more Shinkalion commissions as well). The pose here was left up to me (the client just specified which boys to use, and to have Hayato’s robot buddy Shashot watching on with heart eyes) and I tried to have some fun with them. Hope you all enjoy the pic!

Loren and Lucien Playdate

So one of my Epic Tier Patrons really liked Lucien when I introduced him, and wanted to see him and Loren interacting together. For the record, I don’t really see these two as being partners one-on-one like this, it’s really more of a “the customer is always right” situation, lol. Drawing them together here and there is fine, after all it might be something they do occasionally, but I created Lucien to be more like a fellow slut beside Loren with older men. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to illustrate that sort of relationship better before too long. 😉

Also, here’s a Q & A video I did for Patreon a while back. Gonna be seeing more of these now that I’ve made my goal, ’cause I’ll be doing one every month for Patrons. ^_^

Bowser + Junior

Here’s a commission I recently wrapped up featuring Bowser and Bowser, Jr. While I get the attraction for these characters (their designs, particularly Junior’s, are quite cute), this is a bit outside my wheelhouse and comfort zone. I don’t feel like characters along these lines really play to my strengths as an artist, nor do I really feel like I do the designs the justice other artists with different skillsets might. Nonetheless, I’m happy to draw them for a paycheck, as I did here, and hopefully the final result isn’t to terrible for those who are into the koopas.

Mob and Ritsu Blowjob

So when I first watched Mob Psycho 100 a while back, I made some comments on my Discord about wanting to draw these two brothers working together to service a cock. One of my Patrons remembered that idea, and now that he’s an Epic Tier backer he decided to bring it to life. This is a bit different from what I’d originally intended myself, such as his request to have Mob in tighty whities, but I am pretty happy to bring these two out like this.