Camp Woody Ch. 1 – Camp Chaos Page 9

So after a long hiatus, Slim made the call to end Camp Woody. After some discussion we decided the comic could continue with me doing the art, but soon after Linno came back to the project as well. So I’ll be drawing this page and one more (coming soon), and then it’ll be back to the original artist. I couldn’t be happier, since Linno’s art is what drew me to this comic to begin with.

I’m pretty happy with how this page turned out, though I do wish I could capture the bubbly style of the original pages better. This will have to do, though. Just be glad I wasn’t commissioned for any of the sex pages. 😀

Writer: Slim
Producer & Editor: Jayrich & No Pants
Artists: Nearphostison (Me)
Colorists: Nearphostison (Me)

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