Near Pokédex M700 – Sylveon

It’s been a while since the last Pokédex entry, but here’s Sylveon! Sylveon was selected by my supporters back when I wrapped up the last entry, and they’ve already picked who the next entry will be for NPF (when I get the chance to do the next entry, of course).

I had a lot of fun with this one. All of the Eeveelutions are going to make great entries in both NPM and NPF, but Sylveon has an especially cute design that I enjoyed working with. I hope you like this little guy, too.


  1. fangorn

    I would fuck mine during battles in the wilderness whenever he uses attract he always hit both my opponent & there Pokémon except his attract is so more potent than normal it causes a sexual reaction causing our opponent to fuck or be fucked by their Pokémon for an entire day & of course I’m fucking Sylveon half that time & the other half we fuck them into sexual submission until they beg to be our sex slaves

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