Shaman King Exploits #6

Here’s another Shaman King commission, purchased through my Epic Level tier. This one was a bit difficult for me, due to the design of Pascal (the little gold guy). There’s just a lot of details there, and even now I’m not 100% certain on the actual three-dimensional space of his head. I did the best I could with it, though, and I hope you guys like this unconventional pic. ^_^


  1. Don Havonetae

    Damn near spot on dude you did a good job on Pascal. Surprise there hasent been more of these 2 Pascal avef has a human male form too

    1. Selgeth

      Ohh, I am surprised someone know this character too xp. And yeah, he did quite a good drawing of my comission. Tho I asked him to remove the “skirt”-like garment of Pascal Avaf, to display his penis xp.

      I admit he’s nice n his human form, but I do prefer him that way.

        1. Selgeth

          I see xp. Is one of my fav manga too… ah, wait. are you the user that commented on the late Patreon Horohoro/Yoh picture ?

          Sadly I don’t think Nearphotison would be up for another round with Pascal xp.
          So, I may have the first and only picture of this pairing xp.

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