An Unlikely Meeting, Page 2

Here’s the second page of An Unlikely Meeting. This page was completed one month ago today, and my supporters got to see it then. Now that a month has passed, everyone else gets to see it, albeit a bit smaller.

This page was a bit challenging, mostly due to the last panel. I sometimes struggle with extreme angles and the foreshortening that goes along with them (this was also a bit of a problem in the first panel). However, in the end I think I was able to pull this one off relatively well, and I hope you all like it. ^_^

Due mostly to coincidence, there’s gonna be a lot of Dragon Ball content this month. Besides yesterday’s post, tomorrow’s One-Shot comic page is a mix of DBZ and some other franchises, plus there’s about a week’s worth of DBZ pics lined up after that between my own random pics and Character Asks. I know you guys are probably all broken up about having an incoming flood of DBZ porn, but if you hold steady and stay patient you will get through to other content soon enough.


  1. Carl

    This is great. Buttttt… Have you ever actually finished a comic? You seem to get bored and leave loose ends on your older comics 🙁

    1. Ty

      The same goes here. Thats what really turns me on and with there being 4 horny boys, the possibilities are endless with the amount of fun, especially if Nearphotison goes double stuffed, but I guess we will have to wait and see what will happen in the next upcoming pages.

      It just would be exciting if in the next page, the train would continue with Goku penetrating Trunks and Gohan to his dad…

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