Near Pokédex M026 – Raichu

Sorry about the wait, but here’s the next Near Pokédex M entry! Raichu won the poll and I think he turned out pretty cute. I always liked Raichu, though I can’t quite pin down why. I guess it’s ’cause he’s such a thicc boi.


  1. Meme

    Why did Tim throw his clock out of the window?

    It reminded him of Arnold Clock, the man who was convicted of knife-raping his wife.

  2. Zeji Jahuwe

    very very big thank you for this
    i realy love Raichu.
    Yeah its sad that so many people like Pikachu more
    But i love Raichu and i would make love to him as often as possible

    1. Post

      I would like to do the Alolan variants, but there’s just so many that it’s hard to say if I’ll ever actually get around to it.

  3. Maria S Gibbons

    By that logic raichus would be horny for most of their entire lives! Not that I’m complaining though .w.

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