An Unlikely Meeting, Page 6

So this is the final page of “An Unlikely Meeting”. The final panel(s) was left up to me, so I took a suggestion someone gave and used that space to explain the whole comic as the cum-drunk dream of an older Gohan. After passing out from too many orgasms with Goten and Trunks, he dreamt he was a teen again, and his father was a kid, and there you have the comic. Alternative suggestions were to involve the Dragon Balls (which seemed a bit much to me, honestly) or to just do some fourth wall breaking. In the end I thought this worked best, and also worked with the script that won out which was all focused on Gohan.


  1. T.K

    I feel like the ending to this comic is rushed.

    I do apologize as I’m not trying to being rude, but from my perspective, what should’ve happened is that young Gohan should’ve collapse from fatigue, entire body covered in cum and on the next (ending) page, black panel as older Gohan hears someone calling his name followed by the last two panels, maybe a flash back followed by an outside shot of the Sons home as Gohan, Goten and Trunks continue to have their “fun” together.

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