Ruckus’ Pleasure Holes, Pt. 1

This commission is part one of two, featuring Huey and Riley getting stuck in two holes in a wall. Riley thought they could fit through them to take a shortcut, but he was wrong and now they’re getting used as cum receptacles by anyone who happens by. It seems as though Uncle Ruckus was the first to find them and break them in, and now he’s left a sign up letting everyone know they’re available. How did two holes end up in a wall like that? I’m not sure, but my theory is Ruckus himself put them there with a sledgehammer and spread the rumor that they could be used as a shortcut in the hopes two young idiots would get themselves stuck. That’s just a theory, though, as the client only told me as much info as is visible in the pic itself.


  1. Don Havonetae

    Most likely he made a funnel shaped hole so it seemed larger that it actually was this when they went through they ended up getting stuck then he probly sealed the hole a tad tighter

    1. Post

      That comic’s funded through Patreon. There’s one page released for Patrons each month, and then one month later that page is posted here. It’ll always be one of the first few days of a new month.

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