ben_10mil – Traveling to Planet Namek 02

Here is the second page of ben_10mil’s comic “Traveling to Planet Namek”. I’ve inked, colored and attempted to translate the page for you all. The water on this one was a little tricky, since it’s not always obvious what lines in the original comic are meant to be what, but I did my best with it. Below is the original page for comparison’s sake.


  1. AllanSp

    Hello Near. I like your content and my bf is a big fan. He is a bit of a struggling artist as well. Is there any way he can contact you privately so you give him some advice?. He would be very grateful.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Post

      Sure, my email is However, I can’t promise I will have any good advice to give. A huge part of success on the internet is luck, so what works for one artist may not work for another. I’m always happy to answer questions, though.

      1. AllanSp

        I completely understand but any help is appreciated. He will be contacting you shortly, thank you so much!.

  2. name

    now we wait ANOTHER month to see if it actually gets into the good stuff… :/ only complaint i have of your page is that you space your comic posts out way too much

  3. safetyxna

    Krillin has a surprisingly nice ass, and gohan looks so cute with that little bit of baby fat still on him.

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