Skillet91 – Vegeta vs. Android 18’s Feet, Page 03

So here’s the next page of Skillet91’s comic “Vegeta vs. Android 18’s Feet”, inked and colored by yours truly. Sorry the pages for this are as slow as they are; Skillet’s style is very detailed and can be a bit chaotic which makes it harder to ink.

At this point, Vegeta seems to have given up on fighting 18 at all and is focusing on goading her into kicking him more. Personally I think the impact of a kick would negate the erotic notion of being close to 18’s feet, but then again I don’t have proud Saiya-jin blood pumping through my veins. Maybe it’s different for them.


  1. Kamikazaye

    This comic is really funny so far. Great job near love the feet stuff but all of your work is really amazing 🙂

    1. Post

      Just a reminder, but the real credit for this comic goes to Skillet91. I did the inking and the coloring, but the writing and original art are all him. ^_^

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