ben_10mil – Traveling to Planet Namek 04

Here’s the next page of ben_10mil’s comic, Traveling to Planet Namek, with translation and colors by yours truly. On this page, Krillin decides to get Gohan to help him release some of his, erm, “power”. The next page might be out a bit slower than usual (which is saying something, I know). I haven’t been really feeling this project lately, and every time I’ve tried to work on it it’s felt like pulling my own teeth. Anyway, you’ll find the original version of this page attached below.


  1. SevenfoldMan

    That’s not “Only if I extract the power”. The correct translation is “Yeah, just that you’re extracting away the power”.

    1. Post
  2. M4x

    And good Krillin and Gohan, I’m curious to see how it goes. Bravo nearphotison your designs are always very tasty and pleasant

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