Ochaco Uraraka Character Ask 1

So, a while back I did an Ask for Gohan and Zangya basically just asking which one performed better analingus. Gohan mentioned getting a third party involved, which sparked a whole conversation on my Discord between a few fans about who should judge, etc. So this Ask is attempting to continue that narrative by asking the individuals who came up as judges in that conversation about the contest. I was involved in the chat (though mostly on the side), but had no intention of actually doing anything with the concept. However, if these Asks continue on this path for the next few months, maybe we will have an actual winner. We shall see.
One of the judges who was named in that conversation was Uraraka here, for a pretty simple reason. Despite being from a different franchise, she has ties to both Gohan and Zangya through my Studio Tour and Character Asks. Zangya’s been stated to have a close relationship with all the MHA girls (though she’s so far only been shown with Jiro, it was mentioned she’s taken on a mentor role with most of them), while her and Gohan were shown having a bit of a fling in a previous Ask. Also, Uraraka’s got a booty just begging to be eaten out, so here we are.


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