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DBZ Train

This is a Master Mini Commission for one of my Master Tier Subscribers. They just wanted to see three of their favorite DBZ bottoms lined up, so here they are. This is the kind of pairing that can really only make sense in a setting like the Studio, so I didn’t bother trying to put them in any DBZ locations or anything like that.

Supreme Kai Shin Character Ask 2

Gohan and the Supreme Kai is a kinda fun pairing I’ve never gotten around to doing (usually ’cause I’m too busy drawing Shin getting dominated by Buu), but I like the idea. I can’t really bring myself to see them as a romantic ship, but I do like the idea of Shin just being enough of a little slut that he’d eagerly use training and motivation as an excuse to service Gohan while they’re on his planet.

Supreme Kai Shin Character Ask 1

So, I actually already had a sketch of Supreme Kai giving Buu a footjob sitting in my work folder. I decided not to use it for this Ask, though, as that sketch also includes the Eastern Supreme Kai and is a bit of a follow-up to the “Plan to Defeat Majin Buu” pic I did with those three a while back. I’d kinda like that pic to be its own thing, if it ever gets finished, so I drew sort of a variant of that for this Ask. I figured people would like seeing more of Shin, and footjobs are usually pretty popular.

Buu Facefucks Shin

This is a relatively quick pic I did on a bit of a whim. I just really felt like doing something with Shin again, and putting him in this situation sounded like fun. I wanted to use Buu for this one since it seemed like the kind of forceful position he’d enjoy, plus I can really picture Kid Buu just going to town on poor Supreme Kai here. I like to think this pic’s a follow up to the last one I did involving these two… Maybe Buu wasn’t satisfied being serviced like he was there and decided he’d rather set the pace himself.
I did this same basic position before with Frieza and Goku. Do you all like it? It’s one I might could get some more mileage out of, as it’s one of those that’s pretty quick to get a picture out with, but I think can also be pretty effective despite the simplicity. If people like it I might try and find other excuses to dust this one off in the future.

Plan to Defeat Buu

What if Shin had been with the Western Supreme Kai to help her slow down Buu’s advancement? Maybe they could’ve worked together to find some way to stall him. Probably not.
I’ve been wanting to draw the Western Supreme Kai for a while, since she’s really my type. However, her very limited appearance in the series makes it a little hard to work her into scenarios. Maybe now that she’s in the studio canon I can find other excuses to draw her. Sometimes with these characters I’ve been sitting on for a while, all it takes is that first pic to open things up. Shin himself was one of them until recently and now this is his third appearance in my work. 😉

Cum-Glazed Supreme Kai

Here’s another Mini Commisison for one of my sponsors! This one asked for a blushing Shin from Dragon Ball Z/Super covered in cum, and here he is! I kinda wish the series treated him with a bit more reverence, ’cause I think then seeing him like this would be even more exciting. He’s still a little cutie, though, and I’ve meant to get to him for quite a while. I have a few different pics featuring him I’ve tried to start over the years, and if this pic gets a good reception maybe I’ll take the time to go back and finish some of them up.