Special Training, Page 16

And with this, we finally wrap up Special Training! I’m honestly a little sad to be done with it, but I hope you all have enjoyed the ride. Now that this is over I’ll be back to focusing on just the one comic at a time like I was before (which is still Space Emperor Slut). ^_^

I’ve got other ideas for comics tied to this one, but I can’t say which (if any) of those ideas will come to life. I’m gonna be taking a break from it for a while at any rate, as there’s other comic ideas I wanna try out when I get the chance that aren’t about Gohan or DBZ.


  1. Brandon

    Fue uno de mis comics favoritos (en especial en las escenas donde se apreciaban los pies de goku) una pena que acabe

    Por cierto gran página me encantaría ver un cómic parecido de Luffy x Naruto
    Luffy x Ichigo

  2. Z

    In page 3 gohan says he lost his virginity to piccolo, do you think you will ever get to make a comic about that? Even if its a short one with 3 pages?

    1. Post

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