ben_10mil – Traveling to Planet Namek 08

Alright, this one’s finally done. I hope you all enjoyed the ride, but I think I’m going to take a little break from coloring ben_10mil’s work. There’s just too much pressure to get pages out with these comics, and I’d rather focus on other projects for the time being. Maybe some day I’ll come around to color a different one, we’ll see, but right now I associate ben_10mil’s comics more with stress than anything. As always, I’ve included the original version of this page down below.


  1. TK

    You deserve a good break as like you, I to know how difficult it with these comics. I am not as talented as you, I cant do coloring, cleaning up each sketch page, but I do enjoy a challenge, especially translating foreign text to English, but the difficult part is not only the translating, its the rough sketches themselves. I use photoshop to mask the text bubbles and foreign text, sometimes having to clean up the speech bubbles as well, and as for the text, not only do I have to make is legible, but trying to fit it into the given space while you modify the bubbles to fit the text and make it legible without having the speech take over the image.

    I do look forward to another ben_10mil work as my guess is that you know how many of his works he has published,

    May I just ask, if and when “in the late future” you do decide to start another one of his comics, which one do you think of doing?

    1. Post

      Probably either the untitled one with Gohan and Piccolo/Spice Boys or “Training in the Time Chamber”.

  2. TK

    Nice, nice… I know there is no official name for the Gohan/ Piccolo comic, but I think Gohan’s Abudction sounds good. Ive heard many comments about that comic, stating that there was a missing page and as I collector, I have all 9 images and I know I shouldn’t worry, but I just want to know if you have all 9 pages: Title plus 8 pages, or if you are missing one?

    1. Post
    1. Post

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