Gohan Plays with His Tail

So this here’s another Mini Commission. The parameters for this one were just for kid Gohan to be anally inserting his own tail. I used Gohan during his time training under Piccolo in the early episodes, ’cause that’s the cutest version of “kid” Gohan in my eyes.
The Saiya-jin tails are always portrayed as super sensitive in Dragon Ball. This is usually just to give them a weakness, with opponents grabbing them to cause pain, but being sensitive also likely means with the right stimulation they could be erogenous zones. At the very least, Gohan seems to be well-stimulated here. 😛


  1. Deivy

    hello, I’m interested in a commission I have in mind 2 character goten and trunks as a child but I want it in a position that trunks is on top of the goten cock and that they are facing the screen more or less you have an image already made of them but goten up the cock of trunks tells me if you can and where I can make the payment thank you.

    1. Post
  2. Deivy

    and when I’m dying to have an image like the one I described to you, you could tell me when or which page is that post that starts accepting commission.

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