Katsuki Bakugou Character Ask 2

If I’m being honest, I’m not 100% certain what the thought process behind this question was. My best guess is it’s meant to be a joke about Hinata and Midoriya both having short, curly hair (I have to assume it’s this Hinata and not the Naruto one), but I couldn’t really think of a situation where Bakugou wouldn’t be able to tell the two apart. However, I did think it might be funny if Bakugou said no, but implied he still fucks Hinata sometimes just because he wants to. I figured plenty of folks wouldn’t mind seeing these two together, and I like the idea of introducing both a new top for Hinata and a new bottom for Bakugou.


  1. Toño

    A new bottom for Bakugou ??? Well I don’t know, Bakugou is really more bottom than top. There are few guys that he plays top with, like Midoriya for example or Todoroki. He actually likes to play bottom especially with Kirishima, who is the one who fucks it the most.

    And with Kaminari, Katsuki, in addition to Deku with whom he plays bottom and top as well. Bakugou is very “macho” when in reality he is quite a slut.

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