Vegeta Character Ask 7

Gosh, I don’t know why Vegeta always insists on being so rude in these Asks! He could’ve just said he doesn’t remember!
Vegeta’s response here was my first thought on reading this question. I just don’t really see him keeping track of these things, so I figured showing him with a new boy while he gets indignant over it would be the way to go. I wasn’t sure at first who to use as his partner, but I’ve had a bit of a track record of pairing Vegeta with secondary characters from show’s where Goku’s fucked the protagonist. Since I’ve drawn Goku with both Gon and Killua in the past, I thought it’d be fun to pair Vegeta up with Kurapika, who I’ve been meaning to use more, anyway.


  1. AssassinM.Biron

    99999999/999999 ??? I really want to see more of my bitch Kurapika and then I want to see my first Killua get fuck by him

    Kurapika love you sexy bich next time it will be me and my bestie to fuck your ass ? both right now have fun with Prince Vegeta love you and take care?? ÙwÚ

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