Rudeus and Eris

This is another Master Tier annual commission. The subscriber who commissioned this pic wanted to see Eris and Rudeus from Jobless Reincarnation, with Eris pegging Rudeus. I’ve never seen this show, something about it kinda rubs me the wrong way, but I looked up some clips of these two in preparation for this commission. A lot of this one was left up to me, they really just laid out the characters and the pegging aspect, so when I saw a clip of them on a bed with sexual tension, I decided to base the pic around that. I don’t know a lot about their relationship or personalities beyond what I saw there, but I hope anyone who likes this series will enjoy this pic.


  1. Red Fire 2013

    I think that you should have paired him with the other muscle blonde boy to fuck him and cumming in his little handsome face, cause there’s not Yaoi and Yuri on no one website from this anime, but, anyways, you made it good.

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