Sonic the Hedgehog Character Ask 1

I figured it was time enough for Sonic to have some fun with someone other than Chris or other Mobians. I feel like he could’ve been paired with any of the Saiya-jins in the Studio for this to work, but I figured I would go ahead and bring out Gohan for this one. I like to think Sonic just finished rapid-fire jackhammering Gohan’s booty, and then took a moment to give his response while Gohan catches his breath.


  1. Dragonrider

    I wanna support you near because the content you make that I like I actually love. But it’s buried inbetween all this gay content that I just can’t stand. Even on some of your straight content you just show a whole bunch of man asshole bro… Like just make it a gay post if you’re gonna do that.

    1. fuckyou

      you complain about all the gay shit but yet here you are complaining about it on a yaoi picture, also if you’re too much of a bitch to look at a butthole i suggest you go browse the YURI section, or is that too gay for you also?

  2. Kasedjin

    Oh poor boy, Near draw what he wants, when he want. And he draw since years now it’s not recent.
    And Btw you post “this” comment on a gay content.. lmao

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