Yusuke Urameshi Character Ask 1

Normally I probably wouldn’t answer a question like this. I feel like an answer in the positive or the negative here would be kinda boring, but luckily I had an alternative narrative for how these two might’ve met that I thought was kinda fun. I remember thinking Sasuke and Hiei has pretty similar hairstyles when I was a kid, and even wondering if it was just a trope for rivals to anime protagonists to have some variation of Vegeta’s hair, so Yusuke seeing Sasuke from behind at a distance and mistaking him for someone he knew seemed like a fine meet-cute to me.


  1. José Carlos

    I have 2 questions
    1 question: At what commission level do you accept comic orders from subscribers?
    Question 2: In the event that I cannot continue paying the commission, where do I have to give to cancel it and they do not continue to charge me?

    1. Post

      1 – I do not take comic orders from Subscribers. Every month I do two comic pages, a One-Shot and a page of one of four ongoing comics. These scripts are taken from Subscriber submissions, but they’re not commissions. The One-Shots are selected through a mostly random process, and the ongoing scripts are made by combining ideas submitted. These are both open to all Subscribers, regardless of level.

      2 – You would cancel your subscription through SubscribeStar. You’d just do it in your account management, same as any other website with a subscription service.

  2. Devin

    Every rival having a similar hairstyle to Vegeta makes sense!

    (Also look at Sasuke’s blush is that cock similar to your crush, Naruto?)

    Why did they ruin Naruto with him and everyone else getting old (and not cute) and not having Naruto marry Sasuke?… (Pretend that didn’t happen, pretend that didn’t happen.)

    Love Yusuke’s expression here!

    1. GH20


      Character Asks are a PAID subcribers benefit only.

      Comments on pics aren’t gonna be taken into account at all.

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