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Tsumugu Kinagase

When I was working on the Satsuki’s third Character Ask I was reminded of the mountain of unfinished Kill la Kill sketches I’ve got lying around. All of those are female-focused except this one, which I dusted off. Tsumugu’s not really the type of guy I usually find myself interested in, but I like his mohawk and thought he was pretty fun in the series. He’s also someone I’ve never drawn before, so finishing this pic felt like something I should do.

Satsuki Kiryūin Character Ask 3

So, I think Satsuki is one of those characters who would prefer to have nothing to do with her mother after she arrived in the Studio. However, I think the changed context of the Studio, where Ragyō no longer has direct power of Satsuki, might change how she feels about her over time. I picture this slow transition, where Satsuki experiences more things through the other times we’ve seen her and stuff, and eventually opens up to having a physical (though probably not emotional) relationship with her mom. It’s a little kinky, but I think it’s fun and I definitely enjoy drawing these two in positions like this. So I see these two as sort of like Blackfire and Starfire, where probably the “domme” figure has some built-up resentment and negativity that fuels how she interacts with the other, but the “sub” is able to play into that for their own benefit as well.

Satsuki Kiryuin Character Ask 2

I think Satsuki might care a little bit more about her perceived popularity than she lets on here, since she went through the trouble of making sure she had a “fan” on hand when she could’ve just answered this solo. I’ve been wanting to do more with Satsuki for a minute, and I’ve got a good handful of sketches with her, but I just never seem to have the time to get to them. As for her partner here, Kaori’s another lady I wish I’d drawn more often, and I think she makes an interesting pair with Satsuki for this Ask.

The 1 Club – Kill La Goon

Ryūko recently hit the threshold to be eligible for the other half of the 1 Club series, so I wanted to pair her up with someone relatively quickly. When I asked my Subscribers about who she should be paired up with, Revy from Black Lagoon came up. Revy won the NHML raffle back in November of 2016, but hasn’t appeared since. I thought she’d make a good partner for Ryūko, so here they are having some fun together.

Gabi Braun Character Ask 1

This is a crossover I thought about while drawing Gabi’s debut pic recently. Probably because that pic overlapped with writing/drawing the Ryūko Matoi Spotlight interview, but I remembered thinking if I got the chance I’d kind of like to draw Gabi with Satsuki. I don’t know why that pairing specifically came to mind for me, but seeing this question, from a Subscriber who likes Kill la Kill/Satsuki enough to have her in their avatar, I remembered wanting to draw them together and made sure to work it into Gabi’s response. Of course, like any character from a war-torn anime, I expect Gabi is probably mostly just grateful to be in a more peaceful environment in the Studio. I imagine she’s having plenty of fun, like everyone else.


NHS Fusions – Ryuki Usagimatoi

The poll for this fusion didn’t have a theme to it, but we did get two badass types fused. I thought going with a white and red theme for Ryuki here would be pretty striking and fun, and I tried to give her a body similar to Rumi’s but with a bit less muscle, since Ryūko’s so skinny. I decided to keep all the bunny elements, just ’cause they’re cute, but made them red to match better with the new hair style (in my opinion). I think she turned out fun, and I hope y’all like her.

Ragyō’s Girls

I’ve been wanting to do a pic along these lines for a while now. A few months ago I decided to go ahead and try it out. Originally this pic was just Ragyō with Satsuki and Ryūko, which was kinda the vibe I was going for. I had a lot of empty space, though, and decided to throw Rei in as well. I’ve always liked her look, and I figured using her here would be a good excuse to get her into the Studio. It felt a little weird to include Rei and not Nui, though, so even though I’m not that fond of Nui I decided to work her in for good measure. Now we’ve got a pretty busy pic, something I don’t do that often, but we get three new girls from the series into the Studio, plus some fun Ryūko/Satsuki BDSM.

Anal Creampie Contest


Here is a fun little commission, I think. In case their heads obscure a bit too much of the banner, what we’re seeing here is an “Anal Creampie Contest”, where the gal who takes the most anal creampies will receive a year’s supply of anything she wants. I don’t know if there’s more contestants we can’t see, but of these three, Bean wants beer, Mako wants food (specifically the little croquettes we see her eating throughout the show) and Maps wants comic books. I like the dynamic here, and these three girls are all fun to draw. I hope you guys like the pic, too!