Yor Forger Character Ask 1

When I read this question, I immediately thought about how Yor seems to have trouble socializing with the other women at her day job in Spy x Family. So it seemed obvious to me that I should pair her with someone in the Studio and have her answer along these lines. The only part I needed to think about was who to pair her with, and I settled on Mito. Besides being a character I haven’t drawn in a minute, it’s easy for me to picture her and Yor getting along well, maybe Yor even looking up to her as a maternal figure (since Yor has insecurities about being a housewife, and Mito’s a pro at it). Also, it’s a little funny to me to crossover the to “Something x Something” shows.


  1. Violetty

    Can’t help but admire how more sweet and sensual this artwork is 🥰 going easy on the newest member of the Studio it seems?

  2. GH20

    You are probably the only artist who got me to get horny at Yor Forger.

    She always looked so average and i felt she was a bit too overated last year, but i kinda like how she looks in your artstyle, specially in that kind of position.

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