Shigeo Kageyama Character Ask 2

I’m currently re-watching Mob Psycho 100 with my younger siblings, so seeing an Ask for Mob was a fun surprise for me. He’s someone I thought I’d be drawing a bit more often when he first debuted, and I had an idea of how to answer this one right away. Of course, the Asker seems to be under the impression the Studio is a place people go, when I usually portray it more as an interdimensional commune of sorts where porn versions of these characters live… But that aside, I thought Kirishima would be a fun partner for him. I like the idea of Mob still trying to improve his physical body by going to the gym, and more than anyone Kirishima has the right energy of the Body Improvement Club from Mob Psycho 100. It’s very easy for me to picture Kirishima encouraging Mob at the gym, fueling him with positive reinforcement and good vibes. So, for that reason, he seemed like a good candidate for this pic. Also, I believe this is the first time we’ve seen Mob penetrated on-camera.


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