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Trunks and Goten Character Ask 8

So I wasn’t sure exactly how to answer this one at first… The way the question is phrased, I could only imagine they were asking if Trunks and Goten just got naked and fused, then stood around naked for a half hour just for kicks. I know that’s not what was being asked, that’s just all I could think about. Anyway, I tried to have a little fun with it, and I threw in some Gotenks butt since I figured that’s probably what the asker was hoping for.


Gotenks x Vegito

So some of you may have read in the cBox that I recently ran into computer problems. A few months ago I had to have the power jack in my laptop reattached, and the other day that fix broke and now my computer can’t charge anymore. I’ve decided it’s time to get a new one, and it should be arriving later this week. Until then I’m continuing to work on my backup computer, but since this computer doesn’t like my scanner it means I can only work on stuff I already had drawn and scanned before my main computer stopped working. Luckily I had a few things in the works, so hopefully I can continue updating until the new laptop comes in.

This is another out of my recent batch of commissions. This time I was presented with a handful of options from the client, who wanted to see a younger boy fucking a grown man (I had one other upcoming commission that shared this theme). Of the pairings presented to me, Gotenks and Vegito intrigued me the most. These characters never met in the show (by the time Goku and Vegeta fused into Vegito, Gotenks had already been absorbed by Buu), but maybe this took place at some point in the Dragonball Multiverse reality where Vegito never unfused. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry about it. ^_^;

The client wanted some dirty talk, and gave me some outlines for it. Based on the suggestions given to me I cobbled this exchange together, which I think works for the characters. I like both Vegito and Gotenks, and hopefully I can get around to using them both in other pairings in the future.