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Closing Time, Page One

So “Closing Time” is a smallish comic project I’m trying out. The idea is to use a simpler approach to the paneling based on some other short comics I’ve seen around, which I’m hoping will make it possible to do comics that are longer/more substantial than One-Shots, but not take years like my full ongoing comics. To try this out I’m using a somewhat popular crossover crack ship I’ve seen between Tiana and Nanami, which I alluded to a while back in Nanami’s first Character Ask. Using that Ask as a set-up, I thought it’d be fun to see them together here in this format. I’m expecting this comic to run 6-8 pages, though I might end up trimming it shorter if I can. We’ll see.


This is just a simple little pic based on a scene a lot people liked in the second season of Jujutsu Kaisen. Haruta is a character I immediately took interest in when he first appeared in season one ’cause he had a cute design, but kinda like Mahito I quickly lost interest as I got to know him better. By the time he runs into Nanami the conflict leads to a really satisfying scene, as well as a good excuse to use Haruta in a way I don’t mind for this pic.

Kento Nanami Character Ask 1

So, there are a few ladies I theoretically could have paired Nanami up with here. However, given what a serious guy he is, I don’t really picture him just jumping into a relationship with someone in the Studio. Honestly I don’t even know if I can picture him having a fling or anything, either… When I imagine Nanami developing a relationship with someone, it’s over a long period of time, seeing them repeatedly, like with the bakery girl from his flashback in the series. So, no longer than he’s been here, nothing like that could’ve blossomed. I thought it’d be cute to hint at some possible future relationships for him, though, and I also figured fans of his wouldn’t mind getting a better look at his body while he goes over his daily routine.

Toji x Nanami

I’ve got three pictures this month that are commission rewards for Lord Tier Subscribers, and this is the first of them. Toji and Nanami are two Jujutsu Kaisen characters this Subscriber is fond of, so even though pairing them (especially this design of Nanami) doesn’t fit into the canon in any way, it’s what they wanted to see and I hope I delivered something satisfactory.