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Minotia Character Ask 1

I didn’t pick this one for answering for the usual reasons. I didn’t really have an answer in mind for him to give, nor did I think it’d make sense to do much interesting with the visual component of the answer. However, in Minotia’s only other appearance so far, he barely is seen, and I thought maybe people would just want a better look at his body. On top of that, I thought this might be a good way to gauge people’s interest in the character, or in seeing him in Trap Sluts. I’ve got several Dragon Ball boys lined up for that series, but so far Minotia isn’t one of them. If there’s enough interest in him stemming from this Ask, though, that might change.

January ’21 One-Shot

So the One-Shot that won the selection for last month was another one featuring a different pairing each panel. The goal of this one, with a couple exceptions, was to introduce a variety of new cute boys to the Studio so they’d become available for Asks and the like. Gohan, Nagisa and Venti were all three already in (although Venti’s debut came after this script was submitted, iirc), but new to the Studio now are Ryoma Takebayashi, Laphicet, Minotia, Bennett, Xingqiu and Tanjiro Kamado. Some of these boys I can guarantee you’ll see again (some of them already have pics in the Post Schedule lined up), some of them I’m not so sure about. Regardless, I hope everyone enjoys the comic. Tomorrow’s post will be our new ongoing yaoi comic, selected by subscribers.