Pan Character Ask 1

Pan is one of only a handful of Dragon Ball characters I’ve drawn but never done crossover stuff with. I figured this Ask was as good a chance as any to rectify that, so here we are. Perhaps it’s because I usually draw her with Bra (and, to a lesser extent, Marron), but I picture Pan being into classy/trendy girls, in contrast to her own tomboyish nature. There’s plenty of characters like that in the Studio, far more than she mentioned here, but I chose Noelle as the example mostly because I know people like her, but I just don’t see myself drawing much Black Clover content outside of Asks. Also, I think this is a fun, unusual pairing, and I always enjoy throwing strange crossovers out there.


  1. Delu14all

    Great job Near-Sensei happy to see Pan and Noel in the studio again hope to see more of them in the future also hope to see those other characters she mentioned Paired with her like Satsuki and Momo

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