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Pinkfire Bio

Here is the bio page for Pinkfire, the fusion of Starfire and Mina Ashido. When Pinkfire first debuted, I was a little worried people didn’t like her because it seemed like the reaction to her was lukewarm compared to the first couple fusions we did. I think some folks have come around on her, though, and I hope you’ll all enjoy getting to know her a little better through this bio. Pinkfire’s personality really wasn’t hard to parse, as Ashido and Starfire have a lot in common already, so Pinkfire’s mostly just more of the same.

Eda Clawthorne Character Ask 5

So, Eda’s name has been included in a handful of the Fusion polls I’ve run over on SubscribeStar, but so far she hasn’t gotten the votes to be in one. I think she’d see participating in a Fusion to be a bit of a status symbol, and probably wants to get in one eventually as part of her aspirations to be a top performer in the Near Hentai Studio. I wanted to establish that in this Ask, but I also wanted to pair her up with a Fusion for her answer. Pinkfire’s gotten some attention on my Discord server lately, and I figured she’d be as good a fit as any.

NHS Fusion – Pinkfire

Here’s the third fusion for this series, Mina Ashido (Pinky) with Koriand’r (Starfire). The theme of the poll for this one was “colorful” girls, i.e. girls with unusual skin tones like pink or green. This combo won out, so we now get the fusion of the Alien Queen of U.A. and the Princess of Tamaran! Having two characters with unique designs allowed for a lot of interesting decisions when designing her, some of which probably aren’t that obvious, but I tried to blend some of the most recognizable aspects of both girls’ looks into Pinkfire, here. Since I couldn’t find a Tamaranean translation for the word “pink”, I opted out of giving her a non-hero name, but I think she can just go by Pinkfire and that’ll be fine.