Eda Clawthorne Character Ask 5

So, Eda’s name has been included in a handful of the Fusion polls I’ve run over on SubscribeStar, but so far she hasn’t gotten the votes to be in one. I think she’d see participating in a Fusion to be a bit of a status symbol, and probably wants to get in one eventually as part of her aspirations to be a top performer in the Near Hentai Studio. I wanted to establish that in this Ask, but I also wanted to pair her up with a Fusion for her answer. Pinkfire’s gotten some attention on my Discord server lately, and I figured she’d be as good a fit as any.


  1. Tenza Zangetsa: GoD (U13)

    Eda can fuse with Tsunade.

    Both are older than they look, powerful in their own right, and have helped the protag and friends with many problems.

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