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October ’23 One-Shot

Like last month’s winner, this One-Shot script is a sequel of sorts to a previous one. In that one we saw a variety of characters in the Studio gym, but this time we focus just on A-ko as she pairs with a handful of different characters. Since this was the October script, it was specified that it should be “after hours”, hence the darker color palette than last time.

Eiko Magami Character Ask 2

Even though she doesn’t show up as much as someone like Goku or whatever, I do kinda picture A-ko sleeping around with a large variety of characters in the Studio, mostly women. I don’t picture her as being particularly picky, but thinking over this question I feel like this is probably how she’d see things. For her partner, I have a long list of women I’d like to draw A-ko with eventually, many of whom might be described as “rowdy”. For this Ask I went with Fasha, though, since she’s pretty new and I know this Subscriber has a bit of a fondness towards her.

March ’23 One-Shot

Here is the One-Shot for March of 2023! The idea behind the winning script this month was a bunch of fit ladies having fun in the Studio gym, including a little cameo from Eromugen’s Potia in the second panel, there. The last panel was left open to me, so I went with two on-theme girls I don’t draw a often as I’d like, A-ko and Jolyne.

Teacher’s Pets

This picture started life as an experiment. I had a four-armed character I was going to draw surrounded by four babes, but the positioning didn’t work out. When I abandoned it, I figured the first two arms could still work, and I thought of these three as characters I wanted to draw so I shifted it to feature them instead. Miss Ayumi is the teacher of A-ko, B-ko and C-ko in Project A-ko, and is a parody of Creamy Mami. She plays a fairly minor role in the series, but still managed to stand out and I’m happy to finally get to do something with her.

Biko Daitokuji Character Ask 1

I’ve been wanting to draw the girls from Project A-ko again for a minute, but haven’t had the time between other things. This Ask was a good excuse to not only draw them again, but draw my preferred ship from the series (sorry C-ko).
A-ko and B-ko spend most of the original OVA series fighting over C-ko or boys or whatever, but I think they have a good chemistry the way certain rivals always seem to. Of course, being made to work together in their first pic in the Studio could well light a bit of a spark, though I see the Studio versions of these characters as a bit of a thruple that includes C-ko.


It’s as easy as 1-2-3. This pic features the three main girls of Project A-ko, a classic anime about schoolgirls fighting robots and aliens, and also each other. From left-to-right we have A-ko, B-ko and C-ko (or Eiko, Biko and Shiiko), three classmates in a bit of a love triangle. A-ko and B-ko are childhood friends, while B-ko jealously wants to steal C-ko away for herself and is constantly fighting A-ko over it. I’m pretty fond of all three of these girls, and wanted to do at least one pic with all of them. I might return to do more with them individually or in pairs later, I’m not sure, but I’m happy to have at least this pic of them done.