Month: October 2017

Episode 1, Mace’s Bargain

So I’ve been mentioning for a while that I wanted to do a spin-off series of Mace ‘n Jackie, and here it is. It’s called “Applebridge Snapshots”, with Applebridge being the town Mace, Jackie, and everyone else in these comics lives in. While MnJ follows a pretty rigid formula, and will not stray from its straight shota roots, AS will be more open. Gay, straight, bi, lesbian, etc. are all possibilities for this series, and I wanted to showcase that by putting Mace in a very different situation than you’d normally see him in MnJ (though still being himself). Some of the cast of MnJ will show up in this series, but hopefully I’ll get the chance to do lots of stuff with other characters, too, like the futa/shota couple I shared here a couple days ago.

Mickie and Terry

So in the past I’ve hinted in the past that I wanted to introduce more OC characters outside of the Mace ‘n Jackie series, and this is my first attempt at doing so. I’m currently developing a spin-off series called “Applebridge Snapshots” that will be very similar in format to MnJ, but will feature different characters, scenarios, etc. In order to best determine which OCs people will be interested in, I’m hoping to do pics like this one to gauge interest.

On the left, sporting the big cock, is Mickie Cummins. Mickie owns a night club in downtown Applebridge, but when she’s free she likes to spend time with little Terry Birch, here. Terry is a classmate of Mace and Jackie at Applebridge Junior High. Mickie is a family friend, having gone to college with his mother, and from a young age they’ve had a close personal relationship. I’ve wanted to do some futa x shota content for a while, and basically these two are a vehicle for that.

ben_10mil – Surprise! 01

This is the first page of “Surprise!” a comic by ben_10mil. When I first posted this on the old blog I had a lot to say about it, but now I can’t remember it all. For this project I am inking, coloring, and providing an approximate translation from the original comic (posted below). For the translation I’m going for a more loose approach to try and keep the dialogue sounding natural, since just a direct translation from Spanish sounds a bit stilted or maybe even out of character.


Here is another commission, this one featuring Yakko and Wakko Warner in a familiar setting. This was purchased by the same client who bought the last Animaniacs pic I did. He’s expressed interest in possibly buying another pic with the Warner brothers, this time adding in the Warner sister, Dot. When that possible pic will show up is anyone’s guess, but in the mean time let’s talk about this pic.

Originally this one started out as the client asking me to “extend” an existing piece of fanart done by another artist. I wasn’t really comfortable with that, but I did agree to do a re-imagining of the concept, which is what you see here now. The map in the background was the client’s idea, though it turned out a little blurry due to there being no high-resolution versions of “Yakko’s World” that I could find (and I did want it to be the actual map from the song, not just any old map).

Oh My Darling

Those of you who don’t follow me on Patreon won’t know this, but for the past few months there’s been a recurring nomination for the one-shot comments featuring Clementine and Carl from The Walking Dead. It’s come close to winning a few times (one time it might would have if the numbers hadn’t been fudged by fake votes), but seeing it each month got me thinking about Clementine. Eventually I decided to just do a quick and simple picture of her (but not with Carl). I’ve never watched the show, read the comic or played any of the games, so I’m not too familiar with the franchise or any of its characters. Clementine is cute, though, so just this much was fun to do. Since I know a lot of people have a fondness for this character due to her role in the games, I decided to play it safe and do something on the tamer side than what my instincts were calling for. Knowing that about her, though, has me thinking she might be BFFs with Ellie in the Xoverse, where neither of them have been subjected to zombies and are normal school girls. I kinda like the idea of them having some late night sleepovers watching old zombie movies, then maybe fucking afterwards. Could be some future content in that idea, who knows?