Eromugen Page 38

It just occurred to me that I’m posting this on April Fool’s Day, but it’s no joke! I finally finished another Eromugen page. I know this comic is going real slow right now, but that’s to be expected. Eromugen was always meant to be a side project, and here lately I’ve just been swamped with projects. I’ve got multiple commissions I’m balancing, plus a couple of other, shorter comics in production as well. I’m working on the Anime Casting Couch comic I’ve mentioned before, plus a “Sonnie the Sluthog” comic, as well as a Steven Universe comic. This is all on top of my normal workload (commissions, color jobs, plus my many non-hentai endeavors), which keeps me pretty busy.

So I did manage to squeak this page out, but I can’t really say when the next one will be coming. If you’re a fan of the comic, I apologize, but rest assured that while Eromugen may be updating once a month or so, I’m creating lots of other content for you guys to enjoy.

Eromugen Page 35

It’s been a while since I posted an Eromugen page, but hopefully now you can all see why. I’m really proud of this page, and not just because of the city shot of Valdassa (which took forever due to my asinine way of inking and coloring), but also because I really like the juxtaposition of the top two panels.

But anyway, this wraps up Chapter Two (finally). I’ve got some commissions coming up, plus some old ones that need some tending to, so it may be a week or two before I get around to the Chapter Three cover page. However, once we get into there we should be able to see these characters move forward a little bit. Until then, I hope you’ll continue reading and enjoying the comic!