Dragon Ball

Frieza Birthday Present

So this one is a bit different from my normal commission fare. This is a birthday present from the client who commissioned it, for the owner of the OC paired with Frieza here (I later found out her name is Hobbes). Her birthday isn’t until the end of December, but I was told it would be okay to go ahead and post it here.

Normally I do not accept OC commissions. I made an exception in this case because I thought the gesture was incredibly sweet; I love the idea of my work being someone’s present. The OC’s creator is a big fan of Frieza, and apparently likes my comic Space Emperor Slut. I was shown a handful of her own art featuring this pairing, and I thought they were super cute. So, I had a few reasons to accept this commission.

I do not know if she will see this post before her birthday. If she does, then I wish her an early happy birthday myself. It was an honor to contribute in some small way.

CCC – Space Warped Bonus Page 01

So Malezor recently shared with me some standalone images based on Space Warped that he had drawn up. While we try to get things going on chapter one in the future, I’m gonna color and post these every now and again, if for no other reason than to keep the project alive here on the blog. This first pic is just Goten and Trunks posing together, but the other images all include other characters (though they don’t stray too far from the tone of this pic).

Tapion and Trunks

I’ve been wanting to draw a pic of kid Trunks and Tapion (from the movie “Wrath of the Dragon”, or “Dragon Fist Explosion!! If Gokū Can’t Do It, Who Will”) for a while now. I went back and forth on a number of different ideas, including a comic (too many of those, however), before deciding to just to something simple and a little sweet. For those who haven’t seen the movie, Tapion is a warrior from another planet who forms a brotherly bond with Trunks, who reminds him of his own slain kid brother. The two have a very close relationship in the movie, and Tapion even gives Trunks his sword (heavily implied to be the same sword Future Trunks uses).

Chi-Chi x Trunks 2

This commission is a follow-up to the last Chi-Chi x Trunks comic page I posted. I mentioned at the time that the client who commissioned that piece was interested in buying more, and that’s exactly what he did. I don’t think there’s a real narrative or anything to these pics, but there’s more of Trunks fucking Chi-Chi, and I think some of you may enjoy that. If you do, then I have good news, as this client seems prepared to buy more pages along these lines in the future. So this may not be the last post like this.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my annual Halloween pic to coincide with the holiday. It’ll be another yuri pic, but to my yaoi fans I do have something ready to go up on the first. After that things might slow down a bit on here as I focus on Patreon rewards, but I’ll do my best to post stuff here as well.

Goten and Trunks Posing

This is a rather simple commission I took on recently. I’ve been sitting on it for a few days, because it was up in the air just when the client would be able to get it colored. It looks like it may be a while, so I decided to post the lineart now. There will be colors later, though, but possibly not until November.

In this case all that was asked for was a simple shot of Trunks and Goten posing nude, and this is the end result. I think it’s a cute little picture, and hopefully all you DBZ shota fans can enjoy this little bit of softcore fun.

NHML – Vados

The Near Hentai Monthly Lady for October is Vados from Dragon Ball Super. I was pretty excited when she won, because I’ve been meaning to draw her ever since she first appeared in the show. Both her and her brother Whis are sexy as fuck, and I’d love to feature them more on the site. I have quite a few ideas for both of them, but we’ll see what I actually get around to drawing.

In this case, I went with a suggestion made by the guy who nominated her in the first place. Cabba here doesn’t have much interaction with Vados that I can recall, but since she put together Champa’s team for the tournament I thought there’d be some potential there. Cabba himself is pretty cute, I’d like to draw him with Vegeta one of these days.

MomSwap – Pan and Videl

I wanted to do some MomSwap entries with Dragon Ball, since it’s the most popular franchise for me to do around here. The only problem is, to do Mother/Daughter pairings in DB you basically have to go with DBGT (there’s Bulma and her mom, but I prefer for Bulma to be the mother in this case). So, I have three DBGT entries planned for MomSwap, though the other two won’t be the next entries. I’ll do them at some point, just not sure when.

I’m planning to take a little break from MomSwap for a while, since it feels like I’ve been doing them rather frequently so far. They’re a lot of fun and can be pretty quick and easy to do, which is perfect for right now when I’m working on getting these Patreon-sponsored comic pages out. One of the two is done now, by the way, so one month from today it’ll show up here on the blog. Of course you can see it now (plus the other page, and if you do $5 or more extra large early access versions of my other work) if you support me on Patreon: patreon.com/Nearphotison.

Aftermath Prologue Colored

So recently I posted the lineart to this picture, the result of miscommunication and confusion between myself and the client who commissioned it. Well, someone over on Paheal liked the drawing and paid me the remaining money to turn it from a lineart commission to a full color one, and so here it is fully realized.

(Also, thank you to DBZ lover, who did another color job on this pic before knowing this was coming out, it was a lovely gesture.)

There might be a few days before the next post. I’m working on getting all my Patreon stuff out of the way as early in the month as I can, so I don’t know for sure when I’ll have something I can post here again. I do have a couple of commissions in production, which will hopefully be ready soon. We’ll see how things go.

Special Training, Page 8

As promised, here’s the new page of Special Training. Goku continues to use his son’s face, and Gohan’s so turned on by the treatment he’s ready for another round. Hopefully this time he can last long enough to milk his father’s cum.

I don’t have a whole lot else to say this time around, other than there’s still one more comic update coming tomorrow. Now that October’s on us it might be a little slow on here for a bit. I have some Patreon stuff I need to focus on (which will show up here eventually, but you can get it earlier over there). I’m also working on my Halloween pic for this year; hopefully I can get it done before the big day itself. I feel like there’s a lot of work ahead of me right now, but with any luck I’ll be able to turn it all out for you guys.