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Special Training, Page 7

Next in line on the update train is Special Training. Gohan’s feeling bad that he came before Goku, so he sets to work trying to make it right despite Goku’s insistence that it’s okay. Here we get to try a position I don’t think I’ve used before, the standing sixty-nine, as Goku decides to reward Gohan’s enthusiasm.

Tomorrow will be the first page of Titans Tower Nights, and I hope you all will like it. I’m a bit nervous about that one, but I’ll probably talk about that more in its own commentary. Until then, I just hope you’ll all enjoy this little bit of Gohan action.

Frieza Loves Goku

Here’s another commission from the same client that paid for Goku and Frieza together last month. This time they requested Frieza masturbating while wearing Goku’s over-sized Gi, with a Goku dakimakura in tow. Once again Frieza is presented her with different genitalia than he has in either version of Space Emperor Slut, which I think is convenient to help separate these commissions from that comic’s canon.

This is the last commission I had queued up directly, but I want to wait a while before I open them back up again. I’d like a little bit of a break from them, personally, and hopefully having a cleaner plate will make it easier to get out the comic pages I’m working on. If and when commissions are open again, the first place it’ll be shown is the sidebar on the side of this blog.

Goku x Frieza

So here’s a commission I recently finished for a big fan of the Space Emperor Slut comic. I was all too happy to make this for her, especially since I’m hoping to get back to work on this comic as early as this evening. This was a nice warm-up to drawing the characters again. Some of you may notice there was a slight change to Frieza’s design per the client’s request, in that he now sports a more animal-like sheathed cock instead of the human-esque one he has in SES.

I’m heading home today, and like I mentioned before I hope to begin work on both Space Emperor Slut and Special Training very soon. Of course it’s hard to say how long either page will take to produce, but of course they’ll show up here as soon as they’re finished.

Special Training, Page 6

As usual there’s been a long wait between pages (a whole month!), but the new Special Training is finally finished. In this page Goku continues to give it to Gohan, but the poor kid just can’t hold out.

Don’t worry, though, just because there’s an orgasm in this page doesn’t mean the story’s over. I still have plenty of content planned for this comic, so I’ll see you all in a month for page seven (hopefully sooner! lol).

Special Training, Page 5

So, after another long wait, the next Special Training page is finally ready to be released. In this page, Gohan finally gets his ass filled with Goku’s cock and, while I can’t be certain, he does seem to be enjoying it.

I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting work done lately. I’ve been unmotivated, and when I do get around to drawing something it turns out looking pretty bad. In spite of that, I think I managed to hammer out a decent page here, but if updates are slow for the next week or two, that’s why. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, but by stupid hands don’t seem to be doing what my brain tells them.