Chi-Chi x Trunks 2

This commission is a follow-up to the last Chi-Chi x Trunks comic page I posted. I mentioned at the time that the client who commissioned that piece was interested in buying more, and that’s exactly what he did. I don’t think there’s a real narrative or anything to these pics, but there’s more of Trunks fucking Chi-Chi, and I think some of you may enjoy that. If you do, then I have good news, as this client seems prepared to buy more pages along these lines in the future. So this may not be the last post like this.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my annual Halloween pic to coincide with the holiday. It’ll be another yuri pic, but to my yaoi fans I do have something ready to go up on the first. After that things might slow down a bit on here as I focus on rewards, but I’ll do my best to post stuff here as well.

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