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Kaa Character Ask 1

This is something I thought some people might enjoy. I haven’t done anything with Kaa in ages, but the Hypno’s Harem series seems to have revitalized a bit of an interest in hypnosis fetishism in my community and I’ve seen his name come up a few times. There’s even a One-Shot script that’s being submitted featuring Kaa and a few boys (and, funnily enough, that script ended up winning), so I figured I’d go ahead and use this Ask to get a little snake action going. I almost didn’t use Mowgli, just to vary up Kaa’s partners from previous works, but it felt wrong to not include him. Mokuba got in on this because I haven’t drawn him in a while, plus he’s one of the boys from that script I mentioned so I figured there was some interest in seeing him like this.
As for Kaa’s answer, it’s based on my understanding of how his hypnosis works. In the movie, it seems like any distraction makes it easy for Mowgli to break free, and it makes sense intuitively to me that he’d only need a short time to mesmerize someone. Functionally, the purpose of his ability is just to lull prey into a dazed state so he can eat them, unlike Hypno’s more advanced ability that allows for complete control until he releases it. Not exactly useful for harem building, but still good for some quick fun.

April ’22 One-Shot

Like all of my monthly One-Shot comics, the script for this was submitted by one of my supporters on SubscribeStar. The idea for this script was to see Kaa hypnotizing a few boys. Other than Mowgli, I’m not sure why these specific boys were chosen, but here they are! Funnily enough, there is an Ask coming out in the future that I drew before this script won where I use some of these same characters, because I knew at least one of my Subscribers wanted to see Kaa hypnotize them. Due to how I release stuff this ended up going public first, but y’all will see that Ask coming up sometime in June.

Mowgli Character Ask 3

Fun fact: Due to the times at which they were answered, each of Mowgli’s Character Asks thus far has had a different colored border for the question.
Anyway, this one seemed like a pretty easy and straightforward answer. Tarzan’s Studio debut was a commission with him and Mowgli, one focused more on foreplay than hardcore action. I seem to recall their being some interest in seeing something more intense between them at the time, so this Ask is basically just an excuse to do that. I couldn’t really think of anything clever or interesting for Mowgli to say, though.

Near Hentai Studio Tour – “Hunter White” Version

First of all, I want to apologize for the long wait on this update. I always expected the updates to be few and far between, as I’m building this game by myself while trying to keep the rest of my art output about the same. Still, this one took longer than I wanted, due to a handful of roadblocks I don’t really want to get into here. But it’s ready now, so that’s something!
This update focuses on Killua, who was introduced at the end of Gon’s update last time. Now, Killua is the first unlockable character in this game, as he isn’t findable until Gon has introduced you. So if you didn’t unlock him in the last update, you’ll have to do that before being able to talk to him in this one. All you’ll need to do is get Gon to like you enough to invite you to meet his boyfriend, but he does have to have a pretty high affection for you for that to trigger.
Also added in this update are a few new features I think are neat. One is a television in your room, which you can watch. Currently, all that’s available is an old comic of mine, “Beast of Her Dreams”, but I plan to add other TV content in future updates. Also now you can get a number rating for characters’ affection for you by visiting the lab. There’s also one new dancer in the strip club and a yaoi voyeur scene that can trigger during your jog in the park, similar to the Katara/Korra scene in the pool’s locker room.
Anyway, I’m working on the next update now. It’ll focus on a female character, one who’s fairly popular, I think. Hopefully it won’t be too long before her update is ready, but who can say.

Mowgli Character Ask 2

So this one may be a bit less interesting visually than some other Asks, but I know a lot of people still like the “standing around naked” answers. Plus, a number of people have asked me to do more with Mowgli, so here we are. Anyone who played my last update to the Near Hentai Studio Tour game will know the park Mowgli’s talking about here, as it’s the same one Gon like to hang out at. In fact, I had something planned for Mowgli in that park, but couldn’t find the time to fit it into that update. Later on, though, I’m sure he’ll show up there.

Mowgli Character Ask 1

Confession time, I really didn’t have any ideas for how to answer this one. I didn’t really feel like the question fit with my understanding of the Mowgli/Bandar-log pictures, but I knew a lot of people were wanting to see more of Mowgli. So I spent some time trying to find a way to make it work, and this is what I came up with. I hope the final result is somewhat enjoyable.

Jungle Fever

This is a commission I recently wrapped up. The idea here is that Mowgli was learning to swing through the jungle, but made a mistake and ended up tangled in the vines. Tarzan found him (or, if you think it’s cuter, maybe he was the one showing Mowgli how to do it) and decided to take advantage of the tangled up boy. He places one hand on the small of his back and gently pulls him in…
We’ll just have to ignore the fact that one of these chaps is in India while the other is in Africa. The client who bought this one seems interested in getting more with the two of them (possibly with the younger version of Tarzan from the start of his movie) in the future, so if you like this pairing it’s possible this won’t be the last you’ll see of them from me. No promises, though.

Monkeying Around All Day

So there’s not much new here, but this is the complete version of “Monkeying Around All Day”. This is what the client purchased, but due to the size and scope of it I chose to upload the smaller panels individually. The end result was that some parts were cropped out of those versions, but now you can see the full image (plus the “flow” from one panel to the next). Hope you all enjoyed this series, and ideally I’ll get to draw Mowgli again some time in the future.