Pokémon Trainer Captured by Pokémon

This post was originally going to come out later in the month, but the client who commissioned it already released it elsewhere so I guess I’m moving it up the schedule. Also, he added a texture to the boy’s scarf that wasn’t there in the original (it’s a pain in the ass to do a texture like that and have it look good, but I guess he didn’t actually care if it looked good so that’s my bad), since that’s what he wanted I’m using that version here.

Anyway, this commission was purchased through my Epic Tier on. The client wanted his Pokémon OC Idriss (and his Lucario) tied up and toyed with by an Infernape and Zoroark (the latter of which only appears through its arms in this picture. I typically tend to turn down OC commissions, but I took this one on since this client has been a supporter at a high level for a long time and I think that loyalty deserves some special treatment. Hopefully you guys will enjoy seeing his character made the plaything of wild Pokémon like this. ^_^

Below you’ll find the fourth episode of my look back at the old superhero universe I was building throughout most of my childhood.


  1. Selgeth

    Ah nah, the white scarf looked good ^^ by itself .And did understood the reason you haven’t added the original pattern. I myself was unable to do the original pattern. I Just did an edit however to make it looks more like an keffieh, as don’t recall having see original oc with keffieh (just Ascot or bandana or normal scarf).

    It wasn’t because he looked bad, I precise. Just to add a nice touch to make it stand a bit more ^^.
    And yeah, sorry to have released it earlier, but as you were that fond of OC comission I though you wouldn’t have minded as it’s not a picture you seemed to take a heart.

    1. Post
      1. Selgeth

        Alright xp. But yeah, I admit I was rather impatient to show it to my followers. Technically I could have waited, but as I didn’t know when you would post it (if it would be this month or the next) I took the initiative.

        Which make me to think : Why not post comission earlier -when they are done or a couple of days later? I understand for your own original posts, but I think that comission, due to being exceptional, could have a free-pass on the schedule planning.

        I don’t know for the other comissioners, but it be possible for mine ^^? As I myself have gallery to fulfil with content it would be covenant if I could post the comission on my gallery righ after they are done, xp

        1. Post

          As far as I know you’re the only client I have like that, but I guess I could make the public releases of your commissions scheduled closer to when they’re actually finished.

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