Skillet91 – Vegeta vs. Android 18’s Feet, Page 02

This is the second page to Vegeta vs. Android 18’s Feet, a comic done by my good friend Skillet91 that I have volunteered to ink and color. This comic is gonna come out pretty slow here, I’m afraid. Skillet’s art style can be pretty complex and detail-heavy, which is a strain on my admittedly slow and clunky method of inking. I think the final result is pretty good, though, and eventually I’ll be able to persist my way through the full thing.


  1. Creeperclaw

    I’d ask why she’s already shoeless in this S&M fight… but it’s more fun not to question it.
    Also with how much Saiyans love to fight, I’d say there is a bit of masochism in their dna.

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