Gowther Character Ask 1

So, I don’t really know much about the Seven Deadly Sins or Gowther, but I tried my best to use what I did know in Gowther’s response here. As I recall, he’s more of an emotionless doll boy than a sex god (or sex doll, lol), but I figured a cutie like him would still garner attention from others in the Near Hentai Studio setting. I went back and forth on who to pair him with (didn’t want to use Goku or Luffy, since I feel they’re both a bit played out), and in the end I settled on using my OC Zak Corrado.


  1. dhua

    hola muy buen trabajo te felicito me gustaria darte una idea de un comic. podría ser de que los personajes del estudio son prisioneros que reciben trato especial de los policias

  2. Raffyboy

    He is Lust, not because of his body, but him being accused of raping and killing the princess who died of heart attack, while he tried to resurrect her using his own heart.

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