NHS Calendar #1 – May (Huey/Riley/Ash)

Here is the entry for the month of May in the Near Hentai Sudios. Just a reminder that every pairing in this project is made randomly (though folks, like the Freeman brothers here, are in a slot together, allowing threesomes like this to occur). I think the obvious route to go with this threesome would’ve been something like Ash getting spitroasted by the Freemans, but as fun as that would be I decided to go a different route.


  1. Animeseven

    Hot crossover! Ash topping them is really nice! Idk if you saw my message in the cbox this morning, Near, but I nominated Casca from Berserk ^^

  2. Bud16

    Awesome crossover. Would like to see more Pokémon Trainers with Ash. For example: Cameron from Unova and Sawyer from Kalos

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