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Maron Character Ask 1

Maron and Marron are both pretty minor side characters tied to Krillin, one made for anime filler and one originating in the manga first. They were both named by different parties looking to expand on Krillin’s “chestnut” name pun. This is the real world reason for them having almost the exact same name, but that hasn’t stopped jokes around Krillin naming his daughter after his ex-girlfriend. Either way, I thought it’d be fun if Marron let a little of her dad’s side come out here in her reaction to Maron, and it was fun to get to draw her with her signature GT hat after drawing her so much without it for PPP.

Pajama Party Pussy, Page 6

There was some chatter on my SubscribeStar Discord about how the girls hadn’t used the double-ended dildo yet. That, as well as my mentioning of Bra eventually pointing her ass and soles at the camera like Pan and Marron had, are probably what led to some of the submissions we got this month. I like to think Bra held that pose until Pan backed into her with the dildo.

Bra Live

This is a Mini Commission for one of my Subscribers. This Subscriber asked for Bra to be fucked by an anon, but specifically asked for a similar “live stream” format to an older MC I did for someone else with Mina Ashido. With the Ashido one I tried to present it like it could have been taking place in either the Studio or the Xoverse version of U.A., but for this one I figured I’d just bluntly place it in the Studio. I hope y’all enjoy it, I’m happy with the angle and colors on this one.

Sailor Mercury Character Ask 1

It’s been a while since I watched Sailor Moon, but I remember Ami as being the the chillest of the main Sailor Scouts. She has some crushes, but I see her as the type who could fall for anyone if they treat her right. So, to illustrate that, I paired her with someone based off aesthetics rather than trying to find her taste, and I just thought her and Bra would look good together.

Bra Anal

This is another Mini Commission for one of my Subscribers. The description of this one asked for Bra/Bulla to be getting anally fucked by a lady with a strapon. There’s no mention of who the lady should be, so this is a rare female anon, but I went with a pose I hope Bra fans will enjoy.

Pajama Party Pussy, Page 4

Here’s page four of Pajama Party Pussy, the ongoing yuri comic written by my supporters on SubscribeStar. This page follows up on the surprise DP of Marron from the previous page. I like that Bra and Marron got a little one-on-one time together in this page, since they’ve been having sexy sleepovers together longer than Pan has and probably have better chemistry for it.

Pan Character Ask 1

Pan is one of only a handful of Dragon Ball characters I’ve drawn but never done crossover stuff with. I figured this Ask was as good a chance as any to rectify that, so here we are. Perhaps it’s because I usually draw her with Bra (and, to a lesser extent, Marron), but I picture Pan being into classy/trendy girls, in contrast to her own tomboyish nature. There’s plenty of characters like that in the Studio, far more than she mentioned here, but I chose Noelle as the example mostly because I know people like her, but I just don’t see myself drawing much Black Clover content outside of Asks. Also, I think this is a fun, unusual pairing, and I always enjoy throwing strange crossovers out there.