Genkai’s Special Training

I don’t remember what got me wanting to draw this, but I’ve always liked Genkai and I thought pairing her with Yusuke would be fun. These two have a fun dynamic in the show, and I wanted to play into it a little bit. I know Genkai’s younger form had some fans back when this show was popular, but I wanted to draw her normal look first since she doesn’t get as much love when she’s older.


    1. GH20

      Uh, just in case, character asks are a paid-only reward for subscribers.
      Questions like these on comments are not gonna be taken sadly…

  1. Devin

    Nice to have a female trainer she and Goku should compare notes…No one tell Killua he’s awful with older women (even when they aren’t after Gon).

  2. Mfck0569

    My God, Yu Yu Hakusho stuff, my favorite anime!!!! Please do some Botan and with your art, Kurama-Hiei could become one of your Popular Pairings.

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