Rimuru Tempest Character Ask 2

So, I had this thought while reading this question about how or why Rimuru might gravitate towards bottoming in the Studio. Obviously, if he wanted to top, he could use a strapon or take a futa bean, but I kinda liked this idea that his asshole would be more sensitive in this body than a human’s (sort of like a blind person hearing and tasting better). Of course the meta answer is just that I like drawing him getting fucked ’cause he’s pretty, but I like this concept for him. When it came to who to pair him with, someone reminded me of Ryoma Takebayashi, the protagonist of “The Man Picked up by the Gods”. Ryoma does a lot of slime taming in his anime, and I’ve gotten Asks wanting to see him “tame” Rimuru. I haven’t seen enough of his show to really know how I’d want to play that dynamic, though, so I never answered any of those… but here that’s less the focus so I figured it’d be fun to see him plowing away at Rimuru while he talks about how sensitive his little slime butthole is.


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