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Cheetara Character Ask 1

So, the Lord Tier commission I’m doing for May is taking the same route of splitting their commission up that the past few have. However, this one is even stranger, opting to make one of their two one-character pics into an Ask. That being said, this Ask is still done the same as others, I picked the question and chose how to answer it, but they apparently really wanted to get a Cheetara Ask and figured leveraging their Lord Tier commission would be the best way to do that. I chose this one in part ’cause the obvious partner for a question like this, Sonic, is an easy one to convey without drawing too much of his body. Tomorrow’s pic will be the other half of this Subscriber’s commission, a more traditional one-character piece.

The Cheetah and The Owl

This is a Master Mini Commission for one of my Master Tier Subscribers, the same Subscriber who brought Cheetara into the Studio in the first place with a regular Mini Commission some time ago. She hasn’t appeared since then, meaning theoretically this pairing could have happened in either the 1 Club series or Eda’s Ambition, but instead it’s its own little standalone pic.

Cheetara POV

This is a Mini Commission done for one of my subscribers. I watched the 2011 ThunderCats back in 2011, and I remember liking it at the time. Despite thinking several characters from it had good potential, after finishing what they produced of the series, the show just kinda slipped from my mind and I never think about it. Having drawn this version of Cheetara now, though, I don’t much think I’ll be revisiting too often of my own accord. The designs look good, but I don’t really enjoy having to keep track of all the different tone shifts to their fur and stuff.